fine infusions from SpringThyme

The Basic Principles of Infusion

"An infusion is the outcome of steeping plants with a desirable flavour in water or oil."

cinnamon_oilThe most widespread form of Infusion is something familiar to millions of people worldwide; the common cup of Tea. The principles involved in making an Infused Oil are essentially the same as making a cup of tea, specifically the extraction of oil soluble components through the immersion and soaking of plant material in oil. As in the preparation of a beverage such as Tea, the key to creating a consistently high quality Infused Oil lies in the immersion and extraction of the plant material in the carrier oil for the optimum time and temperature. Herbs and spices are pulverised in the oil to help release their active flavour essences and volatile oils. The use of a controlled heat source during expression of the Infusion accelerates percolation and is a critical factor in final product quality. Failure to manage time and temperature parameters can lead to an inferior quality Infusion with noticeable bitterness, or an over-cooked flavour profile.

Carrier Oils

dipping_oilSpringThyme's product range comprises over one hundred individual raw materials married together with a variety of oils and fats to present hundreds of Infused Oil combinations. First pressed extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and sunflower oil are the most common carrier oils used as bases in our Infusions, but infusion is possible in virtually any liquid, soft or hard oil or fat by virtue of our unique processing systems.Whilst Olive oil is clearly the choice of consumers and is most often used in retailer ranges, for food manufacturing applications Sunflower oil is a more suitable and cost-effective carrier due to its blander taste which prevents the oil from competing with the infused plant material.Fashionable oils come and go and although some lend themselves for Infusion, frequently cost, procurement, availability and performance limits their suitability for Infusing.

Finished Products

SpringThyme has the ability to produce consistently high quality Infusions by virtue of its unique process. Our Infusions are to all intents and purposes oil-based versions of fresh herbs, chillies, spices and vegetables imbued with the same organoleptic characteristics but none of the negative attributes that can sometimes be associated with herbs and spices; high microbial content, perishability, potential illegal food colourants and other unacceptable additives.


  • Authentic Fresh Flavour

    Infused Oils are intensely flavoured culinary ingredients created by permeating healthy vegetable oils with fresh raw materials, delivering a deliciously aromatic, fresh-tasting flavour.

  • Consistency

    Standardised flavour, aroma, strength and organoleptic properties ensure consistency of delivery in other product applications.

  • Microbiological Stability

    The processing parameters of our unique manufacturing system ensure negligible bacteriological counts in our Infused Oils.

  • Functionality

    Multi-purpose ingredients that provide functionality, texture and colour as well as flavour.

  • Additive Free

    Infused oils are completely free from additives or processing aids.

  • Clean Label Declarations

    Our Infused oils can be declared simply as Named Oil and Named Herb on product labels.

  • Long Shelf Life

    A minimum of 12 months shelf life from date of manufacture.

  • Economy

    Infusions can be used at low levels due to their flavour intensity and their cost in use can be less than fresh, frozen or dried equivalents.

  • Free From Status

    Our Infused oils are made exclusively from GMO-Free raw materials and produced in a controlled environment where there is an absence of any Nut handling.

  • Suitability

    Infusions are suitable for use in “High Care” facilities, requiring no further processing.

  • Handling

    Easy to handle, weigh and dispense aiding preparation times and accuracy.