fine infusions from SpringThyme

Intense flavours

asparagusSpringThyme infused oils and fats are intensely flavoured, natural culinary products made by infusing fresh herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits into carrier oils such as olive and sunflower oils, dairy fats and shortenings. Unlike other processes, Infusion uniquely ensures authentic and high intensity flavours are introduced into these carrier oils.

Customers who require a combination of flavour and natural oils with reliability and high performance achieve this from the specific technical advantages of infused oils and fats which are practical and versatile ingredients.

Our infused oils are similar to those produced in the Mediterranean, traditionally made in small batches. However, SpringThyme technologists have developed the world’s most sophisticated oil infusion process – a continuous production plant capable of producing several thousand tonnes output of consistent quality infused oils. The intense flavour profiles of SpringThyme infused oils and fats make them a 100% natural, cost-effective and functional alternative to other flavour delivery systems.


parsley_butter_closeupOur passion for producing the best tasting infused oils and fats is characterised throughout our business ethos which is to deliver the highest quality products and service to our customers. We use only the finest raw materials in our manufacturing and no additives or preservatives of any kind. Numerous infused oils can be supplied as Organic products since we source fresh, premium quality herbs and spices from approved suppliers on a worldwide basis. The combination of these high quality raw materials and SpringThyme’s industry-leading manufacturing processes enables us to capture the maximum flavours present within the herbs and spices without resorting to adulterating the finished oils by adding flavourings or extracts - a common failing of other flavoured oils.

Safe and practical

corn_chilli_oilOur processing parameters ensure that SpringThyme infused oils and fats are microbiologically stable. Infused oils are ambient products with a viable shelf-life of up to 12 months. In some cases, the combination of our processes and individual herbs natural anti-oxidant properties can enable an even longer shelf-life of up to two years. Infused fats are generally shorter shelf-life and stored refrigerated to maximise potential use.

Our wide range of products is immensely practical. Infused oils and fats are extremely stable unlike more perishable raw materials such as fresh herbs. SpringThyme infused oils and fats require no further processing and may be added at any stage throughout low-care or high-care food production as a means of delivering authentic flavour to the host recipe.

SpringThyme's products are packaged in a convenient range of sizes ranging from portion control to manufacturing formats up to one tonne. We can provide blending and packaging solutions to suit your needs and facilitate ease of weighing out, dispense and control. We operate a strictly GMO-free and Nut-free site policy.


pizzaSpringThyme produces and supplies premium flavoured oils and fats for the food manufacturing industry. We develop, manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of infused oils and fats in the UK and Internationally. Innovation is the cornerstone of our success and we are constantly working on new product developments.

Our NPD team develops and sources new concepts in oils and fats to help meet ongoing and future customer expectations. Our products are available for supply throughout the UK, European and International markets to manufacturers and bottlers, caterers and foodservice operators, brand owners and retailer private label ranges.

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